DAY 1 : Magnet Implant

As promised now the first of (estimated) several following blog entries about the magnet implant.

This morning was the first bandage/band-aid change. You can take a look at a few pictures down at the end of the article, as always: ATTENTION – YOU WILL SEE SOME BLOOD

It took some time. First I needed to get the old clamp strips loose. As the blood had dried, I needed to moisture it for an easy and safe removal without reopening the wound.

Took some time, but in the end all worked fine. The wound itself looks fine too.

And just a short notice on the magnetic sense: I noticed that when I get near a metallic object (obviously a magnetic metal like iron) I can feel a slight…   buzzing?-feeling.

Can’t wait to say in a situation : My spider magnetic sense is tingling.

BTW: the black mark on my skin in the photos is the marking from Oli who marked the final position of the magnet before starting the insertion.




















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