DAY 2 : Magnet Implant

Aaaaand we continue the journey of my magnetic implant.

Like yesterday I removed the clamp strips and cleaned the wound. Also like yesterday I moistened the small amount blood to remove the strips without reopening the wound.

As those were removed I cleaned the wound. And today we can see the cut itself. Yesterday I couldn’t remove all of the blood so there was no clear picture of the cut itself, but today I was able to remove all blood.

And well, I hope it will stay clean (means I hope it won’t bleed again).

So far it looks good. I have no pain. And the red swelling you could see in yesterdays pictures has gotten better and less noticeable.

So far I have a good feeling that it will heal well and there will be no rejection (I goddamn hope so)

And like in the other articles: scroll down to see some photos. And as always the common sense warning: ATTENTION – YOU WILL SE SOME BLOOD














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