DAY 3 : Magnet Implant

Well, hello there everyone.

First, as always, scroll down to see how the wound actually looks. Nothing much changed.

That’s why I think I’ll slow down the post-publishing rate and write a new entry when something changes. Because I don’t see a point in writing a dailyย entry if nothing changes at all.

Now to the second point. It’s hard… ย it’s very hard not to play with it. I don’t want to play with it like doing magic tricks n stuff. More like playing with different metallic things to get a first feeling for a maybe already kinda developed magnetic sense. I really want. But on the other side you know (if you already read a little bit about magnetic implants) that playing too early with it raisesย the risk of rejection.

So yeah, there are two forces in me right now: the one that wants to discover the possibilities and the other one who doesn’t want to fuck up the whole thing.










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