Eurofurence, Canada and the Middlefinger of Life

Hello there fellow fluffbutts,

just a short update on a few things regarding my current vacation:

As some of you are aware, very soon (next week already) there is a small und barely noticeable event called Eurofurence in Berlin/Germany.
As some of my friends are I also am in the EF Staff. To be precisely, I’m in the photographer staff team.
If you get an appointment from Thursday to Saturday between 16 and 18:30, you will find me there.
Other Places and Events I can be found will be the main lobby and events like Enter the Arena, Cages Story Hour and the Dances. As to be expected, I will always have my cam with me.



Second point: Well, somehow I’m crazy enough to expect surviving an instant trip to Canada right after the EF.
First city will be Toronto from the 23th Aug to the 1st Sept, and after that Vancouver from the 1st to the 12th Sept.
If you are somehow there (not that I would know of someone in my friendlist (besides Trapa) that lives in CA) just PM me and we can meet, talk, whatever.



OK, now to the last part, the middle finger of life.

As usual, on both occasions I will have my DSLR with me. And as I am some kind of trigger happy with my cam and using RAW, there is a good chance to produce a f****load of data during both events.
As I “just” have a 64GB card in my cam I rely on my laptop with PS Lightroom and an external harddrive which I have with me to clear the card in the evening for the following day.
Guess who said “hey, f**k you” just yesterday…

Can you guess which part of my Laptop this is?



Long story short: after good 5 years the right joint of my laptop lid broke. Not the joint itself, hell no. The material that holds the threads of the screws which held the joint and the lid together.
As I don’t have time, money or patience to search for a replacement lid nor even buy a new laptop I grabbed into my weapons grade stuff box and got the epoxy out.
Cleaned all and glued it together. Let it harden for 24 hours and screwed everything back together. The fact that I write this entry on my laptop indicates that it worked. I just hope it holds a few years.

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