suddenly : package

Well, I think you may know this situation: You see a raffle about something, attend and don’t even expect to win. It’s the usual way…   you enter your information to attend, forget it after some time and in the end, you ever will ever hear something about it. Or maybe the last thing you hear is “this or this guy (not you) won”. And that’s it. That’s how it works.

And this was valid for me too. But today…  something happend.

It was the usual morning, getting up, breakfast, surfing a little bit in the Net, stuff like that. And then I decided to leave the Apartment. “Sorry, we missed you. We couldn’t deliver your package to you. We gave it you neighbor.” the note at my door greeted me.

Well, just knocked at the next door and got the package. And I still asked myself “What the heck is in it? Did I ordered something and forgot about it?”

Fished the freight letter out the envelope on the package and it greeted me “HIGH 5: YOU HAVE WON!”

I continued reading and well, I just won one of three Zootopia Fanpackages from  Spiesser’s raffle. I totally forgot about it. And not that they write you a mail saying “Hey, you won, we will send you your package asap”, Nooooooo, they just send it and you ask yourself “I’m already demented?”


And to not just shove a load of text into your face, here some pictures.

(And yeah, my place is still a bit messy from my last tinker)

BTW: Of course I’m already working on cherry flavored pawpsicles ^^

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