The Fuckup of getting to Toronto

As you probably know from my previous post, right after the Eurofurence I go on my second vacation,  Canada to be specific.

And well, this day was today. Give or take when today is, as I am right now 11.5 km above the Labrador Sea between Canada and Greenland travelling with 875 km/h with freezing -52Β°C outside.

So far, so cool (yeah, bad pun, I know).

The fuckup mentioned in the headline happend on the way to this freezing situation.

It all started classic. Packed baggage, checked everything like twelve times and still had the paranoid feeling that I forgot something. Jumped in the Metro 2:30h prior to be safe on unexpected events like idiots jumping on the rail or so (hey, it happened already).

Got to the Nuremberg Airport without any problems. After taking a look at the Tesla in the lobby I checked in via one of the self service terminals and got rid of my baggage at the baggage counter. The strip/walk through security was smooth and unexpectedly without beeping (note: magnet implants and nfc-chips no problem). As I had 1:30h to kill I conquered a Outlet, hooked my phone up and listened some music. A small 25min delay later we boarded and departured 15 o’clock. A relaxing 30 minutes fly in a small machine later we landed in Frankfurt am Main, an Airport literally larger than the Nuremberg inner city.

After good 10 minutes walking later I arrived at the gate and had 20 minutes to boarding left. I got a snack as I wasn’t sure when we would get served our on board meal. When boarding started at 16:30 there was plenty of time, as planned departure was 17:15.

I looked like a fucking Bambi on the road as I was told that I would first need to get to another counter to get a seat. (Hey, last time I flew I was 12 and obviously didn’t handled the tickets).

While I waited in line to get a seat the first announcement was like “Hey, the plane is booked out, just one hand package per poor economy peasant” and I was like “Sure, no probs, one large baggage got rid in NUE and hope to see again in YYZ (Airport code for Toronto Pearson International), one hand package right here at hand.”

So I waited…   and waited. Next announcement was “Yeah, we are overbooked and looking for people who volunteeringly will stay” and my first thought was ” They can’t do that, can hey? I have a Boardcard here”. Second thought was “Are they really too silly to count how many fucking seats there flying canoe has?” End of the story (and the waiting) was that I got kind of the last damn seat and got on board at 17:15.

The flight itself was nice. An hour after departure we got a meal served, the choice was between pasta or chicken. Also free drink. Over the flight we got several offers to get drinks (alcoholic, difference, coffee, tee etc.) And an hour before landing we got a wrap (here the vegetarian or chicken version).

Also a customs form. The check out was easy. Showing the customs form and passport, getting to the baggage pick up by showing the customs form and showing the customs form again while leaving the airport.

So far so great, now I am in Toronto. Further updates of how to be a Torontonian will follow as I will met with Lanakila this evening.

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