The Punch In Retrospect

Hello everyone, Taxy speaking!

Welcome to my first post on <whiskered>dorks</whiskered>. Today I’ll be writing about my latest addition in terms of body modification.

Three months ago I got a punch in my right conch.

The conch is the part of the ear which is – you name it – shaped like a conch. Having a hole there came to my mind just a few months ago. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and when I found out that Visavajara can do it, I was signed up! I had already asked another piercer in my city, but this one hadn’t done anything like it before and I didn’t feel comfortable being a guinea pig since I already heal quite badly.

So on the 18th of May 2016 was the day. Fuwo and I went to Visavajara to get my ear turned into swiss cheese. Fun! We decided on the date a few weeks in advance and told Oli at Visavajara so he could make my initial jewelry. Yes, you read right: I got custom made jewelry.

On to the procedure, shall we?

Oli took a final look at my ear to make sure I had enough space for a 6mm punch. Then he prepped me up and marked my ear. Once I said that I liked the placement he let me lay down and covered everything but my ear up. The pictures of this stage look quite funny as there seems to be only an ear lying on the table.

04_IMG_20160518_160532 Then he took a biopsy punch and a piece of cork (see left upper corner in the picture) and punched the hole in my ear. Initial pain was minimal, but the cracking noise while punching was stomach twisting. I always compare it to opening a can of coke. I was a little surprised about the fact that it almost didn’t hurt since a lot of people on the internet said it was the worst pain they had ever experienced.


Now comes the hard part: It took me half an hour to get up. The first time I tried to sit up I felt really dizzy and Oli made me lay down immediately so I wouldn’t pass out. Half an hour and lots of water and glucose later I finally could stand up without feeling dizzy. Nonetheless I asked Fuwo to accompany me on my way home since I didn’t feel secure enough yet.

Remember that I said it wasn’t painful? That didn’t last long, sadly. The pain started when I left the studio – windy days are a pain in the ass when you have just received a 6mm hole in your ear. I was also advised to just leave my ear alone until the next day, which I greatly appreciated.

Up next a collage of the pictures taken during the procedure by Fuwo. Beware, there will be just the tiniest bit of blood. If you want to skip to the less bloody parts of this blog then click here.


Journal from 18.05.2016 to 10.08.2016

The next part is going to be diary-like since I wrote down everything on the go.

Quick note about the healing process beforehand: I took the jewelry out of my stretched ear when I was healing the punch. I did this because shortly after punching I could already feel that the jewelry in my ear putting pressure on the punch which was a little painful.

[19.05.16 – 1 day old]

Today I cleaned the punch for the first time. It was quite the task because you just can’t reach the area as well as for example a lip piercing. Pain wise it’s nothing more than a slight feeling of pressure.

[21.05.16 – 3 days old]

Since yesterday it’s been swollen quite a bit. Thankfully not to the point that I had to move the o-ring yet. When I cleaned the punch in the evening I tried moving the jewelry a little bit to the side so I could clean the area behind my ear towards my head. Big mistake – it took me 1,5h to fall asleep because the pain kept me awake.

[22.05.16 – 4 days old]

Today I took my first shower since the punch. It was quite easy. Way easier than taking a shower with a fresh facial piercing. Cleaning on the other hand is just as difficult as it was on the first day. There are some crusts on the back that I’m unable to remove which drives me insane. I’ll keep waiting and soaking – eventually they need to fall off. Pain is almost non-existent throughout the day. But after cleaning the pain takes quite a while to disappear.

[24.05.16 – 6 days old]

Since yesterday my ear is quite dry on the front. There is some blood(?) that I can’t seem to remove. Also the cold is bugging me a lot while I’m outside. I’ll try soaking the front of the punch for the evening cleaning. Maybe I’ll be able to remove the excess skin…

Edit from 24.05.2016: I managed to remove some dried blood from the back! Success. It looks much cleaner now. Flashlight and pocket mirror are my best friends right now. Without them I wouldn’t be able to clean the punch at all.

[26.05.16 – 8 days/1 week old]

There is almost no pain throughout the day. The punch is only painful after cleaning which is to be expected after just one week. But I noticed something weird: My jaw and inner ear hurt a bit. I don’t know if this is due to the punch or me keeping such a keen eye on not touching the healing site and therefore sleeping/walking/sitting in strange positions.

Edit from 14.08.2016: The pain in my jaw and inner ear probably was due to holding my head wrong. It got better after a few days.

[28.05.16 – 10 days old]

Yesterday I went to Visavajara to have Oli check on my bridge piercing. While he was at it he also took a look at the punch. According to him everything heals nicely and the back also looks good.

Edit from 28.05.2016: Today I’m in pain. I can’t even tell when it started. I woke up at 3 am and can’t get back to sleep. All I know is that it’s swollen and my ear feels kind of warm. I hope it’s nothing serious.

[31.05.16 – 13 days old]

Yesterday I paid Oli a visit to take a look at the punch. He advised me to make sea salt soaks as the punch seemed irritated. In the evening I prepared some saline solution and soaked my ear for 5 minutes each in the front and the back. Today my ear is sore but not uncomfortable. Seems like the SSS helped calming it down.

[03.06.16 – 16 days/2 weeks old]

I have been treating the conch punch with sea salt solution every evening. It seems to calm it down quite a lot. Also the crusts which are forming throughout the day are way easier to remove. Recently the punch has started itching a lot. Which should be a good sign. The jewelry inside the punch has started moving back and forth a lot while cleaning. I’m glad the o-ring stays on securely. I hope this doesn’t change. It would be quite a nuisance if I were to lose the plug at night.

[11.06.16 24 days/3 weeks old]

I am so not keeping up with this journal. It’s been almost 4 weeks now (4 days until my 4 week mark). The punch feels great but there is quite some discharge. Yesterday I visited Visavajara for a checkup. Naddl said that everything looks really good. Especially since the punch isn’t even 4 weeks old. Cross your fingers for a continuing good healing journey!


PS: I also put some jewelry back in my stretched lobe! (14mm ~ 9/16″) It didn’t even shrink that much during those weeks which I’m really surprised about.



[17.06.16 30 days/1 month old]

It’s just a few days past the 4 week mark. The discharge has lessened a lot and the jewelry is moving much more freely in the punch. Today I got my bodyartforms order which also included plugs for my conches. Some teardrop shaped obsidian plugs with black onyx matches for my lobes. I can’t wait for the day when my punch(es) are healed properly and I can wear them.



[24.06.16 37 days old]

I was really stressed this whole week which resulted in a bleeding conch…  I treat it with sea salt soaks every evening in hope to clear up the ring in the front/back.

[03.07.16 46 days/1,5 months old]

I was really stressed out the last two weeks so the bleeding only got worse. It bled so much that I went to visit Oli last Monday. He said he will make me a shorter plug that I can get put in once the punch has calmed down a little. Today’s Sunday and there was very little blood at my evening cleaning. I hope to get the shorter plug in at the end of the week.

Edit from 14.08.2016: Olis explanation for wanting to make me a shorter plug was that the initial jewelry was so long at this point that it was moving a lot during the day. This fact made it harder for the tissue to heal.

[07.07.16 50 days old]

The punch has calmed down to not bleeding every time I’m cleaning it. Yay! It’s still really messy. I hope I’ll be able to get the shorter plug in this Friday. My lobe stretched itself to the point where it was hard to keep the 14mm plug in, so I switched to a 16mm eyelet instead. (Which is already so loose that I can pop the eyelet in and out without removing the o-ring.)

[12.07.16 55 days old]

Today I visited Naddl at Visavajara. She said that the wound doesn’t look like it’s already two months old. Even though she swapped out my initial jewelry with a newer, shorter plug and gave me an alternative to my usual disinfection spray.

Edit from 14.08.2016: The alternative cleaning solution is called Prontolind Gel and it has helped wonders. It’s a really light creme which dries a little over the day, creating a kind of coating over the wound.

[10.08.16 84 days/2,5 months old]

Long time no writing. Today I visited Visavajara for a change of jewelry. Now I have a Gorilla Glass black t-back conch pin in my punch. Also Oli said that the punch is healed, but still a little red. Just a few weeks more!

So much for the journal-type entry. I do hope it wasn’t too boring to read? sleeping_black_cat_avatar_by_hidesbehindthings-d304rs7

TL;DR: The first month was a bliss, the second and half of the third month was awful and since a few weeks the punch is perfect.

And now for some pictures of the healing process.

Everything until I put the plug back in my stretched lobe is from the first month of healing.


That’s about it! I hope you enjoyed reading my first blog entry and my conch punch story.

The left ear is going to follow up mid September. Maybe I’ll write another short text about this punch.

Until then – bye! cute-kitty-animated-gif-39

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