TODAY : Magnet Implant

Well, today was the day.

I won’t lie, I was worried…  and tense….    and curious. It was pretty much a mix of everything. First it was the worried/tense part, but as soon as I was in the Visavajara, the “well, now it’s to late to cancel or run” kicked in and I relaxed.

First the usual paper work. Some medical questions if I’m allergic to something, if I had a piercing or another BM (Body Modification) and if there was a problem. Also I needed to sign that I allow them to injure me, because juristicly it’s “bodily injury” which would be chargeable.

And after the necessary paperwork (which was just a double A4 page) we went down in the basement where all the crazy stuff happens. I already got a RFID/NFC implant here, so I already knew what to expect. Nice and sorted well cleaned rooms which would give a good  competition to any hospital med rooms.

So far so good. Oli prepared a necessary stuff on an extra table. All sorts of sterile stuff, bandages, scalpel, the magnet etc. The magnet itself was sterilized with a yellow goo, we joked that it looks like snot. Of course it’s not, it’s some kind of cold sterilizing fluid, because magnets (also NFC implant) can’t be autoclaved (hot thermal sterilization).



After Oli prepared everything, he took a look at my finger and marked the final magnet position and the place of the incision.

New here follows an interesting and totally unexpected fact: You should expect some pain. Yeah, what a bummer, I know. The point is, that BMA’s (Body Modification Artists) are technical not doctors, why they have no certificate to use a local anesthetic to block the pain.  So they use other methods like getting the finger numb with a quarter-hour ice bath or using stuff like Emla creme.

After we took care of my finger (we chose the left ring finger, because the ring fingers are the least used ones and left because I’m right-handed) we started.

The cut im the skin itself was only…   I would say 4mm long, but he needed to dig into it to form a pocket for the magnet itselfe.After some digging into my finger he easily placed the magnet in it. Afterwards he closed the wound with a simple clamp strip. No stitch needed.

The whole procedure took around…  eh, not even 10 minutes I think?

His orders: don’t play with it now, keep this first strip at least until this afternoon, then replace with a new one (he gave me a pack of 6). It should only take 2 or 3 days for the wound to close, but better safe than sorry.

And afterwards at home a little surprise. I didn’t expect to feel already any magnetic fields. Some people online report that they feel there microwave instant. But my modus operandi: keep expectations low. As more it was a surprise as I heated something this evening in my microwave and TADAAA, I felt it…  I felt my fu***ng microwave.

Well, thats for today. I will try to keep you up to date on a daily base with a photo every day on the healing process and how well my new sense developes.

Further following a few pictures (you need to scroll down) taken by Vartaxy (I think its common sense, but still: ATTENTION – YOU WILL SEE BLOOD)

















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