WEEK 5 : Magnet Implant

Hello and welcome back to everyone. Glad you still read my entries, even if they are not that consistent.

Sooooouuuu, well, 5 Weeks…   35 days since I got my magnet implanted.

And right now it looks good so far, my finger didn’t fall of, till now no rejection.
The wound healed just fine, no scar. Just a very small bulge on the side of the fingertip where the magnet is.

Today I will again talk about what has improved, but also, as I didn’t talk about it the last time, I want also mention some drawbacks.

First let’s take a look at the bright side of life.

I will build up on my last entry, so if you don’t know what I’m talking about, please read the “WEEK 2 : Magnet Implant” entry.

Clock in
First I want to talk about our nasty little check in clock.
I tried to get closer to the clock.
And hereby the discovery: once I got into the field, it stayed the same nasty strong way all to the device itself.
It got not worse the closer I got.
So I concluded myself that I can clock in with my left hand… as long as I do it fast enough.

Power on
Next let’s go to the high voltage distributor in front of the building.
Same operational frame as last time. Passing by while going to lunch.
But: now I feel it even when the box is on the right side and there is a distance of ca. 1 meter with my body in the way.
(the body is worth a note as we are ~ 60% water, and water is a really good radiation shielding, could influence the mag field)

Well, something else?… Oh right, I got a new phone. A Nexus 6p. I don’t write this here to impress. It’s that the N6p has a good/strong antenna.
Point here: I can feel my damn phone. When I hold it with my left hand I feel a magnetic field. And no, it’s not the NFC antenna, this antenna is somewhere else. Also it’s not the phones body itself as it is made out of aluminium.

After we finished off the rainbow-farting bright-side-unicorns, let’s go to the dark side.

Of course there is never a super plus awesome deal without at least some minor things.

And right now it’s, at least as I noticed myself, just one thing. But this then at different locations.

It’s a pretty usual use case, you maybe not even think about it till you standing in front of it.
And iitt’ss… the staircase handrail. Usual if you use the handrail your hand is smoothly gliding over the rail. But what if it’s out of metal and your finger is sticking to it? Two option: spread the magnet-implanted finger or don’t use the rail.

Same for other situations: Holding at the handrail in tram or metro? Well, those are usual out of metal, so sticky finger action again.
Also here my path of choice: slightly spread the magnet finger.

Except from the handrail stuff I didn’t notice anything directly.
Maybe I do or don’t some other things, but I didn’t notice them. And therefore I can’t report them to you.


So far so good.
I don’t know when I will write the next entry about the mag implant.
So just keep looking for the next social media announcement for articles.

While writing this article I listened to the Spotify’s Weekly Playlist.

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